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I’ve been mobile since the ’80’s, all the way up until 2015 and about to turn 50, and it had become so difficult to do excellent work mobile that I started looking for a shop. I was able to locate a really nice 2,000 square foot shop right next to the freeway in Walnut Creek, California, right between Best Buy and Monument blvd at 187 Mayhew Way. My clients can get to me so simply. If they’re coming north on the 680, get off at Treat or Monument, and if they’re heading south, get off at Monument and I’m right around the corner.

My clients actually have another benefit. My shop is positioned very close to the Pleasant Hill BART station, so when my clients get off BART, all they do is walk immediately to the bike path and the bike path goes directly to my shop, which makes a huge amount of convenience. We have clients from all over the SF Bay area who deliver their vehicle to us, BART back to the City and BART back to us to pick up their vehicle!

-Sean Woodward, Owner and Founder

– Contact us –

187 Mayhew Way #C, Walnut Creek, CA 94597

+1 (800) 618-5881


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