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Window Tinting Installation


Window Tinting Walnut Creek

Running a tinting business in Walnut Creek for 10+ years is no easy task. Many have come and gone. Despite all the $99 tint specials and Groupon deals promising 4 window tint jobs (which is a total scam) we’ve persevered for 2 reasons. First, we sell the best quality film, and second our technicians are the best in the industry. Our tint jobs come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer to be 100% color stable, and they will not bubble or delaminate. Further, we back our installations with a full satisfaction guarantee. When you choose us to tint your car you will feel the difference for the entire lifetime of your ownership. Don’t let the lure of a so called “good deal” leave you feeling hot and frustrated in your vehicle.

Window Tinting isn’t just for aesthetic purposes. Although it’s a beautiful addition to a vehicle, it also plays a significant role in protection. Window tint provides protection not only to the vehicle but also to the driver and passengers. At Ceramic Pro Walnut Creek, we offer two varieties of protective window tinting: ceramic and infrared. Tinted windows help block dangerous UV Rays which are greatly attributed to skin cancer and deterioration of eye health. Considering how many hours of our lives we spend in our cars, whether it’s our daily work commute, transporting children, or the occasional family road trip, UV exposure isn’t something to take lightly. This is an even larger problem here in California which is one of the sunniest locations in the world.

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Protect your investment!

Benefits of Window Tint

  • Interior protection from aging
  • Increases privacy
  • Blocks harmful UV rays
  • Rejects heat keeping your car cooler
  • Resists shattering
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Featured Product:  Pentagon IR Tint

  • Non-Reflective
  • Non-Metal: Won’t Block Cell, Satellite or Radio Signals
  • Protection from Heat, UV and Infrared
  • Lifetime warranty Against: Adhesive Failure, Peeling, Delamination, Fading and Cracking

We are Highly Experienced and The Best Quality Film Out There

Tint is an easy way to give your vehicle a better flare. More importantly, window tinting protects you and your car from the sun.

In addition to blocking harmful UV Rays, window tint reduces heat and glare. This allows for a more comfortable interior vehicle temperature and a safer drive. In California, sunglasses aren’t enough when you’re driving into the harsh, glaring sun. Glare causes dangerous visual obstruction to the driver and increases the risk for an accident to occur. We all love the California sun; however, it can take a toll on a vehicle’s interior. Leather, cloth and plastics can become faded and damaged from the UV rays and heat. This is easily prevented with window tint. Another important protection feature is window shatter prevention. Window tint adds an extra layer of protection to your windows, increases the strength of windows and can help prevent shattering in the case of an unexpected event. We all value our privacy but unfortunately not everyone respects it. Tinted windows block the view of wandering eyes and helps keep your personal belongings protected when you’re away from your vehicle.

California Laws on Window Tinting

You’re probably wondering how much tint is legally allowed on your car. In regards to the windshield, the top four inches can be coated with non-reflective tint. The front side windows need to let in 70% of light and the rear window and back side windows can be as dark as you’d like them to be.

Ceramic vs. Infrared: Let’s Compare

We are proud to offer two premium varieties of window tint: Pentagon Infrared and Suntek CXP Ceramic.

Let’s begin with Pentagon Infrared, often referred to as Pentagon IR. This product provides crystal clear clarity and is guaranteed with a lifetime warranty not to crack, fade, peel or delaminate. It’s non-reflective, blocks heat and is non-metal meaning it won’t weaken satellite, cell or radio signals. Click here to learn more about Pentagon IR

Our other product, Suntek CXP is a carbon constructed, nano-hyrbrid coating. It’s also non-reflective and non-metal (won’t inhibit cell, radio or satellite signals). It rejects infrared, UV and heat and includes a lifetime warranty which covers fading. Click here to learn more about Suntex CXP


Window Tinting Walnut Creek | (800) 618-5881

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